The City Weekend

1-3 March 2019

City Weekend

The City Weekend aims to equip us to serve God at work and at home through excellent Bible teaching. It is also a weekend away from the busyness of London and a chance to relax and enjoy the surrounding countryside.

This year we are going to Ashburnham Place, the long-time home of the City Summer School.

Help! What do I say?

Every Christian believes that the good news of Jesus is worth speaking about - and we all know that we ought to be speaking. But how do we actually go about doing it, and what should we do when we don't feel like it?

Over the weekend we shall be thinking about the motivations for making Jesus known and how we can best communicate the most important truths our friends and colleagues will ever hear.

What people think about the City Weekend

Thanks for inviting me to the weekend away. I've experienced God's word and work through this event and believe I'm much more equipped to witness at the workplace.

I hope to attend the next one with the boys - it is certainly fixed in their calendar.

It was superb

Great food and lots of it!

I really enjoyed dissecting the word and how the weekend built upon itself as the sessions went on

Really appreciate having quiet personal time to study, with no pressure to talk to other people. Also enjoyed mixing this up with the discussion groups.

The formal dinner was again another lovely treat.

I am very much in favour of making an effort to make Saturday night "special"- that was a real highlight this time.

For my eldest [daughter], who is seven, the children's teaching is one of the highlights for me, she was clear on her memory verse and was able to talk clearly through what she had been taught which means the team must have created an enjoyable environment for learning. She also enjoyed the games and getting to see old friends and make new ones.

The teaching was really helpful. I loved getting stuck into 2 Peter and really growing in confidence that God has delivered on all his past promises so we can be completely assure of his future promises and because of this it can really confidently shape our Christian living in the present. It was also a huge encouragement to see that God has equipped us with what we need to do to enable us to live effectively as Christians in the present. Now comes the challenge to work at it!!

The personal study sessions with my wife are like gold dust. It is so rare to listen to a talk together and then be able to have the time afterwards to discuss, reflect, pray though it and work out what it means for us as a couple and a family to respond to what God has shown us. This is then further cemented by being able to share and pick up on what others have made of the talks and how it is impacted them during the discussion groups. This is a really great format to enable everyone to really nail down and understand what has been taught.

Thanks very much for organising this, it was a super weekend! Real blessing to hang out with brothers and sisters, and be strengthened.

Loved the rounders and football and games after dinner in the bar

Excellent teaching sessions. Wish there was more time.

Outstanding teaching … exceeded expectations: my son wants to come on the summer school already.

As it was the first time we had been to an event like this as a family, we were all slightly nervous before arriving, but everyone soon put us at ease, and we were able to relax, learn and enjoy ourselves.

We always have a mix of people connected with the City – singles, married, a range of ages, etc. While the adults meet during the morning, the children and teenagers are looked after and given first-class Bible teaching by the St Helen's youth and children's ministry team.


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