Relationships, Marriage and Sex


Investing in Marriage Day

Every couple of years, St Helen’s runs a marriage day to help Christian couples re-focus their marriage.

Listen to the 2014 talks here (Marriage and Q&A)
Listen to the 2011 talks here (Forgiveness, Communication, Conflict, Bible and Prayer)

Revolutionary Sex

This is a series of talks given by William Taylor on the issues of sex, homosexuality, marriage and singleness.

Listen to the talks here

Gender and Marriage

In this talk, William Taylor explains how Genesis impacts our understanding of gender and marriage.

Listen to the talk here

My Body is a Temple

In this series of talks from 1 Corinthians 5-7, Charlie Skrine deals with the issues of sex and singleness.

Listen to the talks here


Married for God
by Christopher Ash

It seems rather obvious to look to our Maker for marriage instructions. After all, God invented marriage. Yet by nature we prefer to work it out for ourselves, starting with our own needs, hopes and desires.

This book turns our thinking upside down. The author examines the Bible’s teaching on marriage, while remaining firmly earthed in the twenty-first century world where messing up, heartbreak, divorce and sexual chaos are distressingly common.

Starting with God’s grace applied to our pain and failure, the author centres on God’s plan for sex and marriage – one of service.

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The Meaning of Marriage
by Timothy Keller

In this book, Timothy Keller turns his attention to that most complex of matters: our need for love, and its expression in marriage.

Beginning with the biblical narrative, and its pictures of marriage that span from the original ideal to the broken to the redemptive, he looks at themes of friendship and commitment; the completion of men and women in each other; singleness, sex and divorce; and ministry and discipleship within the context of marriage.

This is a profound and engaging work that will challenge and inspire people in all stages of life – single, newlywed and married.

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Captured by a Better Vision
by Tim Chester

In this new book, Tim Chester helps Christians to think through and deal with the issue of pornography.

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God’s Good Design
by Claire Smith

An easy-to-read but compelling look at the Bible passages we find difficult to understand and apply, when it comes to knowing how God wants Christian men and women to relate, particularly in the church and in the home.

Claire Smith has studied this subject over many years, and this accessible yet thorough look at relevant passages of Scripture allows the Bible to set the agenda on matters that are often determined by the views of modern Western cultures.

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Is God Anti-Gay?
by Sam Allberry

It’s the hot topic of the moment. Christians, the church and the Bible seem to be out of step with modern attitudes towards homosexuality. And there is growing hostility towards those who hold a different view.

So is God homophobic? And what do we say, and how do we relate to both Christians and non-Christians who experience same–sex attraction.

In this short, simple book, Sam Allberry wants to help confused Christians understand what God has said about these questions in the Scriptures, and offers a positive and liberating way forward through the debate.

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Other Resources

Marriage Foundations Course

Over the years, many couples thinking about marriage have been helped by attending one of our marriage preparation/foundations courses.

Find out more information about the course here

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