This talk given by William Taylor from Luke 12:13-21 teaches Christians not to pursue surplus, and instead to invest in God's Kingdom.

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The Grace of Giving

This talk given by William Taylor from Matthew 25:14-30 encourages Christians to maximise the resources God has given us for the gospel.

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Christian Generosity

This talk given by Philip Jensen from 2 Corinthians 8:1-15 shows us what it means to be generous as Christians.

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A Dishonest Man’s Good Example

When was the last time you taught your wallet a lesson? David Cook challenges Christians from Luke 16:1-15 on the area of wealth.

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The Money Mentor
by Ash Carter

‘The Money Mentor was born out of a passionate desire to see every Christian living for God in the area of money’, says Ash. ‘Whether we have lots of money or lots of debt, this book will help us to honour God, the ultimate Money Mentor, with the money he has given us. We will experience true freedom as we live in God’s world, God’s way.’

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Gospel Patrons
by John Rinehart

The great movements of God in history were often led by well-known preachers and pioneering missionaries. But few of us have heard the behind-the-scenes stories of the men and women who partnered with them, funded them, and became the catalysts for many amazing works of God. Gospel Patrons is ultimately about two very important questions: First, How has God worked through people to change the world? And second, How do we become those kind of people?

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Other Resources


Stewardship is a Christian organisation that seeks to help Christians to give generously and tax efficiently.

Visit the Stewardship website here

How should the gospel affect my view of money

In this article a Christian City worker shares how an understanding of the gospel impacts how he and his family use the money that they have.

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