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Posted by City Team on July 12, 2010
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Getting Going as a Christian

Many years ago, as I was walking along a street in New York someone handed me a piece of paper.  An advertisement.  The headline asked a question - "Are you lonely, confused, seeking truth?  Have you ever honestly considered Jesus?"   My first reaction was a sardonic smile.  No, I had not.  And I didn't think he was the answer to any of those questions.  I thought I was in control and able to solve my own problems.  I could work things out for myself.

Thinking the advert was amusing, I passed it to my mother.  Our household was not particularly religious and I expected we'd share a laugh. To my shock and amazement, she read it and put it in her purse.   Some weeks later, I noticed a transformation. She radiated peace.  I asked what caused the change and she showed me the paper.  She had attended the church that asked to help people consider Jesus and she met him.  He was real.  He was love.  He was waiting to rule her life and place order where none had been.

I was still sceptical and had to attend myself.  What kind of cult was this that personalized Jesus into a being you could meet?   When I attended this church, I heard the word of God preached as never before.  I had to find someone after the service to introduce me to Christ.  I had to know him and serve him, my king, for eternity.  Whereas I had made many resolutions to be a better person, I had not fixed my problem.  I was still without a saviour for my sin.  Jesus was the answer and showed me that he is the truth, the way, the life.

That was in 1976, another age.  But in the years since, he's brought me close.  He showed me the depth of my sin and the magnificence of his graceful love.  The word of God is the same yesterday, today and forever, and I am grateful for those who proclaim it.

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