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Posted by City Team on June 30, 2010
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 Ro Trivedi

Why I Follow Jesus Christ

What was your impression of Jesus Christ and Christianity growing up?
I didn't really have one! At school I was only interested in passing exams & playing sport. Even in my first year of university I was focussed on the same things, plus drinking lots of alcohol.
How did your impression change?

I had been thinking that I needed to sort out my standing before God, which I put off until I went to university. I hesitantly asked my only christian friend If I could come to church with her one Sunday. I kept going, and slowly, through hearing about who Jesus was, and seeing how differently the christians at university lived, both in their actions, and in their affections and desires, I slowly started to realise why Jesus had come, and, more importantly, why he had died
What was it like being made aware that you were a helpless sinner?

It felt pretty helpless. All of a sudden, all my exam results, all my sporting achievements, all my 'good behaviour' counted for nothing in God's eyes. I couldn't be saved by works, only by his Grace. That was a massive blow to my pride. However God worked to turn that news from being bad, into being the best news in the world - as my sin (which I hadn't realised was so prevalent before) could be forgiven on the cross

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