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Daniel works in building management, security and reception in part of the Tower 42 complex on Old Broad Street. He first came to St Helen's in 2012 and is now a Thursday lunchtime regular.

I started working in the City in 2011, and the following July I ‘just stumbled' across St Helen's. I peeked in and thought it was a Catholic service and that I wouldn't feel comfortable there...

(Daniel has a Pentecostal background)

...but within five minutes I realised it was a Bible talk and that William [Taylor] was talking sense.

Daniel likes the informal set-up of Thursday lunchtime – eating together around tables during the Bible talk.

I find that sitting at a table with three of four others allows conversations to happen easily and for relationships to be built.

Daniel grew up in a Christian home but says that faith was little more than 'a routine' for him by his late teens. In his early twenties Daniel was struck with meningitis and ended in a coma – with doctors suggesting it was the end. But his family were praying and Daniel believes that God graciously answered them – but why is he still alive?

Daniel says that the Thursday lunchtime talks regularly remind him of eternal truths and help him talk to colleagues about the gospel. One or two have come with him to St Helen's...

...and I'm sure seeds have been planted. Before I got involved at St Helen's, as I'm also a trained actor, I thought that working in the City was going to be a temporary thing, and I really couldn't wait to land my next acting role and leave; but I know I have been put in my workplace for a reason – there's no way I would have found St Helen's by myself.

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