Multi-grain and Multi-Faith

The Managing Associate

Angela Wong

Angela Wong, a managing associate in the real estate department at Linklaters, tells us about a recent breakfast at the London offices of this global law firm.

God is full of surprises. A few years ago, the Linklaters Christian Fellowship comprised a few godly men and women in an apathetic – and occasionally hostile – ork environment. Things have changed.

How did it come about?

The Linklaters Diversity Team wanted greater visibility of the variety of faiths in Linklaters, and one upshot was a multi-faith breakfast event entitled Right vs Reality – i.e., is it actually possible to practice your beliefs, enshrined by law, in the office?

What happened?

Representatives came from Linklaters’ Jewish Forum and Islamic Society along with the Christian Fellowship, and so did about 60 attendees from the rest of the firm and elsewhere in the City.

Jeremy Anderson, a Christian and senior executive at KPMG, told the audience that at the heart of Christianity was a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, and, just as he, Jeremy, does not leave his relationship with his family when he walks through the office door, he would not leave his relationship with the Lord Jesus at the door either. In the same way that Jeremy would naturally talk about his children, he would also do so about the Lord Jesus.

I really appreciated his statement that, as an employer, you want to enable people to bring the whole of themselves to the workplace – that appealed to the business! Alongside a clear presentation of the Gospel, Jeremy fielded questions from the audience concerning issues such as sexual orientation and how his faith impacts his working life.

We sometimes question the effectiveness of participating in multi-faith events, but this one was a great opportunity to witness for Christ with people who would not ordinarily go to church or attend a lunchtime talk. It was also a good chance to grow our relationship with our Diversity team, who believe in a genuine variety of faiths in the office.

Our prayer is that the event would have sparked good follow-up conversations between Christians in the City and their colleagues, and enable Christians at Linklaters to encourage others to live for Jesus in the workplace.

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