Mr Copper on being labelled

The Hedge Fund Manager

Hedge fund manager Michael Farmer has been dubbed by the financial press as ‘Mr Copper’, as he has been responsible for shipping around 15 to 20% of China’s copper supplies. But that’s not the only label he’s known by …

For over 50 years my employment has been in the City, being involved in the brokerage and merchanting services connected to the London Metal Exchange. For over 30 of those years I have been a Christian, having at the age of 35 received a clear understanding that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

Initially, I was somewhat embarrassed for my Christian colleague and I to be labelled in the press as the ‘God Squad’.

But by growing to know God – his character, his nature, his will – through prayer and answers to prayer; through his revealing word in the Bible; and through his people and his creation, I am now very happy to tell others of the hope that I have and the grace in which I live.

I know that God so loves me, that he gave his one and only son, Jesus Christ – the one sinless man – to die for me, and by faith washes me clean of the grubbiness and the rebelliousness of my life, and will bring me into his presence for eternity. This is the extraordinary power of God to transform my nature, my thoughts, deeds and will.

I have been a metals trader for 50 years in the City, but as stated, for the last 33 have been a Christian metals trader – a new creation by God, born again as a new creature into his eternal kingdom. I was blind but through his grace, his gift, now I see, and for that I am and will be eternally thankful.

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