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Marc Doring

Marc Doring, a City lawyer, tells us about how he got involved at the Moorgate lunchtime talks.

I go to Christ Church Mayfair on Sundays and Matt Fuller, our senior minister, recommended that I go on the St Helen’s City Summer School. And, so, a couple of summers ago we took the plunge.

Mornings at the summer school typically involve going through a book of the Bible via up-front talks and personal and group study. Our group contained people who worked in Moorgate and went to the lunchtime Bible talks there – and it soon became clear that I should consider joining them.

I had always thought that I was too busy to get involved in a lunchtime talk, but in reality it is simply a question of priorities, making the best use of your time and remembering what is important.

The irony is that the Moorgate Talks take place in a nightclub underneath the very building where I work – it became a question of simply going one lunchtime a week to the talks rather going to the swimming pool, which is also underneath the same building, or working through.

But it wasn’t just proximity. I am part of a Christian group at my law firm but the usual peaks and troughs of City turnover had led to the departure of just about all the other active Christians. This change, and the continued need for Bible input, meant that committing to the Moorgate Talks made even more sense.

Rather than work up a Bible study ourselves – and all the preparation that that involves – the Group could simply go to the Moorgate Talks to get fed spiritually. And it isn’t just a case of passive listening – the Q&A session really helps, and there is time to stay and chat with people in the Group, as well as others who attend the Talks, and really get to grips with the passage.

The Moorgate Talks help me personally, build me up as part of the Christian group at my firm, and is also a great evangelistic resource. We use it to take colleagues along, including to their carol service. We also partner with them in running Christianity Explored courses in our office, and their minister preaches at our firm’s carol service.

In some ways it is our firm’s Christian group, and the evangelistic opportunities at work, that keep me in the City and bring me real joy in serving God. And the only thing I’ve really had to give up is the lunchtime swimming.

Go here for the website of the Moorgate lunchtime talks.

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