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Ryan Shuy

A big theme of Paul’s letter to the church at Philippi is partnership. Phil 1:27 talks about ‘standing firm in one spirit, with one mind striving side by side for the faith of the gospel’. Ryan Shuy talks about how he partners for the faith of the gospel at Aviva.

I became a Christian five years ago through reading the gospel of Mark – seeing that Jesus spoke and lived like no one before or since. He taught about his coming death and being raised on the third day, which fulfilled in great detail prophecies given hundreds of years before. Also, Jesus told me the truth about myself – that my greatest need was forgiveness of sins and I could have that through his death on my behalf.

Becoming a Christian transforms the way I view work: I am now serving Jesus through my work and my identity is in Christ – my godliness is more important than my achievements. Also, I now want to be involved in work that lasts – that is, proclaiming the gospel about Jesus, and how he brings life to the spiritually dead. And for this greater work, I partner with colleagues in Aviva, and with St Helen’s.

There is another Christian in my team at work. She is excellent at getting alongside colleagues and we work together to make Jesus known, which includes inviting people to lunchtime talks and other special events at St Helen’s – it helps that it is next door. For colleagues who have shown an interest, but haven’t been able to make it to a particular lunchtime talk at St Helen’s, I summarise the main points of the talk and email it to them.

St Helen’s has helped equip me to read the Bible with non-Christians, and I hope to start this soon, using Word One-to-One – a resource that has been developed by St Helen’s to help people explore John’s gospel with friends and colleagues.

I pray with other Christians here at Aviva every Thursday before work – we pray for our colleagues, that they might respond to the gospel, and that we might be godly at work.

A sadness is that none of my immediate colleagues have yet realised that the offer of life really is good news, and I am conscious that the natural staff turnover in the City means that we are with people for only a limited time. That is why I am thankful for gospel partnership with St Helen’s and colleagues at Aviva, by which we can get the message out.

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