CHURCH: never again!

The Associate Banker

Caroline, an associate banker, explains the initial stages of coming to her Christian faith.

My sister and I were brought up in a Buddhist family who also practised ancestral worship. However, as we both became older, my sister started to believe that science had disproved the existence of God, whilst I never questioned that this world was created by a higher being – ‘creation demands a creator’ was my thinking.

On 27 November 2011, my sister became a Christian. My rational, older and only sibling, whom I turned to for every form of advice had decided to believe in (what I thought at the time) a make-believe, on-a-par-with-Santa-Claus person called Jesus?!

However, it made her happy and I didn’t think it would affect my life, so I let it be… then she started to invite me to church.

Each time I declined, and the one time I reluctantly agreed, with a ‘let’s just be clear that I’m doing this for you’, I came out saying, ‘Your pastor is so arrogant. How can he call everyone a sinner – does he know everyone? I’m never coming to church again.’

A few months after the ‘church episode’, I started wondering how I could tell if I was doing a good job at ‘living life’. How could I know whether my life was a success or not? I thought about wealth, marriage and children, and realised that none of these things were guaranteed to be achieved, or would last.

I then recalled hearing (from the same pastor that I had previously so disliked) that it’s not about anything we do, but what Jesus has already done for us. Interesting…

However, I didn’t really know what Jesus had done. I also wasn’t convinced He existed, nor that the Bible, which claimed he was the Saviour, is a historical document that could be trusted. So I began my journey to look into this for myself. I started to attend lunchtime talks, Sunday services and Bible studies, and haven't looked back.

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