Have a question about the Christian faith?

Find answers to some of the most common questions about the Christian faith

Lots of people looking into the Christian faith find that they have some doubts, questions or objections to the person and teaching of Jesus. If that is you, have a look below to see if your question is addressed in one of these talks from the Bible given at St Helen's.

Agnosticism Explored: Why 'I don't know' is not a good opt out

Can we love the Old Testament God?

Extremism and Freedom of Speech

The Gospels: Fact or Fiction?

Hasn't Christianity done more harm than good?

Has Science disproved God?

Is life after death just a fairy tale?

What about all the suffering in the world?

What is reality? 

What is true success? (An interview with Brad Thorn)

Who gets into heaven?

Would Christianity ruin my life?

Eight Big Objections Series

If you would like to investigate further, Christianity Explored or reading a gospel one to one with a Christian might be a good next step. For more information please contact Alan Bright ([email protected])

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